With You There Is Light

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Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel's True Story


What we said and thought, so did you, only we were capable of saying it

By Alexandra Lehmann | Feb 23, 2017

What we said and thought, so did you, only we were capable of saying it -Sophie Scholl (1921-1943) speaking to the crowd of onlookers during her show trial where she was convicted of treason. Seventy-four years ago on February 22, Sophie Scholl was sentenced to death by the notoriously delusional President of the Peoples’ Court,…

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Sophie Scholl’s “Library” 1937-1943

By Alexandra Lehmann | Jan 28, 2017

Sophie Scholl gave us a very thorough “intellectual history,” often quoting from and mentioning the books she read in her letters and diaries. Sophie decided to engage in “inner emigration” by retreating into literature  as the Nazi hold on society grew more restrictive. The Reich Cultural Directorate had declared many of Sophie’s books “degenerate or subversive.” She read…

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Review by Rebecca Odessa, The Wisdom Daily

By Alexandra Lehmann | Jan 15, 2017

When Hitler came to power in the early 1930’s, Nazi ideology pervaded the German education system, leading to the indoctrination of an entire generation. When war enveloped Europe less than a decade later, that same generation trailed their maniacal leader into the abyss. A small group of Munich students, however, refused to follow. Instead, they…

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Why Civil Resistance Works: Book Review by Alexandra Lehmann

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 9, 2016

Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Non-Violent Conflict by Erica Chenoweth. My rating: 3 of 5 stars. This book’s concept is pretty huge and its far-reaching case studies work to prove it. The author does not, however, clearly outline the criteria for a non-violent resistance’s success. It lacks the mention of the Czech resistance which successfully…

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Enter to Win a Free Copy of “With You There Is Light” at Goodreads

By Alexandra Lehmann | Oct 24, 2016

October 24, 2016. Ridgefield, CT.  At the time of this writing, 150 readers have entered the goodreads.com contest for a free copy of “With You There Is Light: Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel.” Enter for your free copy here. Goodreads Book Giveaway With You There Is Light by Alexandra…

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Hartnagel writes Scholl about Belgian Resistance, 1940

By Alexandra Lehmann | Oct 3, 2016

              “With You There Is Light” contains translated excerpts from Fritz Hartnagel’s letters to Sophie Scholl. In this important historical document, Fritz informs Sophie about Belgium resistance. Antwerp, May 18, 1940. My dear Sophie, […] Yesterday I had enormous luck, if one can speak of luck and not of Providence. I was with…

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Ridgefield Author Attends Author Showcase on October 1, 2016

By Alexandra Lehmann | Sep 28, 2016

Lehmann’s novel read at showcase

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Hans Scholl (1918-1943)

By Alexandra Lehmann | Aug 24, 2016

EXCERPTED FROM “WITH YOU THERE IS LIGHT”: Hans and Sophie’s mother knew what to do. She hurried down the hallway into her son’s room. The voices in the living room grew louder and louder. She grabbed a basket and started tossing books into it. Thomas Mann. Heinrich Heine. George Bernard Shaw. Jack London. Ernest Hemingway.…

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Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel Correspond, September 1939

By Alexandra Lehmann | Aug 8, 2016

Fritz Hartnagel was a part of Hitler’s Army. He was going to have to fight in this so-called Blitzkrieg. What could she do? Sophie Scholl took out her pen from her knapsack and began to write. She could always count on writing when the truth required clarification.             Dear Fritz, Sophie pressed down hard on…

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Passive Resistance: Refusing to Yield to Censorship

By Alexandra Lehmann | Jul 25, 2016

                Historical Context:  Sophie Scholl passively resisted Hitler. She was political active as a school girl in Ulm from 1938-1940. During this time, the Reich directorate ordered that universities burn books by subversive authors including Jack London and Ernest Hemingway. Heinrich Heine’s work was among the list of…

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