White Rose Traveling Exhibition Available in the United States (in English)

White Rose Traveling Exhibition Available Now in the U.S.

White Rose Installation, Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA. University Libraries

This traveling exhibition is made possible in part by the White Rose Foundation located at the University of Munich, Germany.

It is available to American schools, universities, libraries and community centers.

The White Rose Foundation mission of maintaining the legacy of Munich’s student resistance group includes reminding today’s youth of the importance of fighting for human rights and personal freedoms.

The installation answers the questions:

What was it like? and also “What does it mean for today?”


-47 retractable, stand alone banners, 33.5 x 78.75″ each*

-No wall space or hanging required

-Estimated cost is one-way shipping from Boston, MA and $65. insurance fee

-92 page English/German documentation of the White Rose resistance available for sale


Contact Alexandra Lehmann, author of With You There Is Light: Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel for more information about hosting the exhibition at your school, university or community center at author@alexandralehmann.com. Alexandra works with Angelika Kretschmann in Munich for bringing awareness of the White Rose resistance movement to the U.S.

White Rose Installation in Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA. University Libraries (four panels may be put together to form columns)

*Partial List of Panels (47 in total; may be divided to split smaller spaces):

Photographs of main organizing members:

Panel #8 or 9, Willi Graf

Panel # 12, Kurt Huber

Panel #17 or 18, Christoph Probst

Panel #20 or 21, Alexander Schmorell

Panel #23 or 24, Hans Scholl

Panel #26 or 27, Sophie Scholl

Panel #31, Eugen Grimminger

Other panels include but are not limited to:

Panel #39, Iconic Photograph Hans and Christoph Leaving for Eastern Front (with Sophie)

Panel #40, Map of Leaflet Distribution to 16 German/Austrian Cities

Panel #42 Foyer of University (site of resistance and arrest) and Ancient Copying Machine

Panel #44 Judge Freisler and Indictment for Treason