(l to r): Siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst at the Munich train station

Photo: akg-images, Jürgen Wittenstein. This now iconic photograph shows a daisy pinned on Sophie Scholl's handknitted sweater. Sophie is saying good-bye to her brother, Hans, and fellow resistor, Christoph Probst (far right) at the Munich train station. Taken in November, 1942, the student medics are about to leave for occupied Poland to work in field hospitals where they will witness the horror of the Warsaw ghetto. Coupled with Officer Fritz Hartnagel's eyewitness accounts, they will propel themselves further into their cause.


"This book adds much to our collective wisdom and understanding."

- Vijay Seshadri, Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

"A compelling reading and a fascinating story of courage, nurtured by a faith in God and in the dignity of each human being. An inescapable power!  A complex story of a maturing conscience midst the horrors of World War II in Germany. Deeply moving. Most appropriate for any era and indeed for this early decade of the 21st century.

 We are called to search out, speak and live our deepest convictions. And 'Summon all the Powers that Be!' as the Family Scholl did, often quoting this phrase from Goethe."

- Rev Joe Baxer PhD, DM/President of the United Nations Association of CT

"Readers witness the lives of civilians and soldiers who opposed the Nazi regime. The story of a young couple in love during wartime unfolds gracefully. A poignant story that's full of historical insight."

-Kirkus Reviews

Translated Into English For The First Time

German Army Officer Fritz Hartnagel wrote to his girlfriend and later White Rose resistance activist, Sophie Scholl, about SS atrocities. These now important historical documents tell us that one of World War II's greatest heroes was inspired not only by Christian doctrine, but by eyewitness accounts of crimes against humanity.

These letters also reveal a beautiful love story and brilliantly show the moral complexity of living in the nightmare of a totalitarian regime.

He told her what he witnessed. What she did with the truth changed history. 

Author Alexandra Lehmann, "With You There Is Light"

        Author Alexandra Lehmann

A book by Alexandra Lehmann

Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel



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  • May 9, 1921

    Sophie Scholl was born in 1921 in the southern German province of Swabia to a pacifist who refused to fight in the Great War and a religious mother who served as a nurse. The third child of six  children (one of whom died after a year of life), Sophie thrived in a household full of books, music and political discussions. 

  • Aug 24, 1937

    A Relationship Is Formed

    Sophie, 16, and Fritz Hartnagel meet and become good friends in their hometown of Ulm.  Cadet Hartnagel, 20, will soon graduate from an elite military academy and be forced to swear the Hitler Oath. As Sophie begins to turn against the regime and recognize it as evil, she begins to convince Fritz of the same. This relationship will help both Fritz and Sophie to articulate their spiritual and religious paths, and eventually assist in confirming their mutual opposition to Nazism.

  • Apr 6, 1941

    Home, Western and Eastern Fronts

    Sophie is forced to work in the women's Nazi labor camps in the Black Forest where she begins a secretive and subversive religious journey known as"active emigration." Fritz becomes a Lieutenant and then a Captain, forced to serve in Hitler's Army on both fronts. He witnesses German Army and SS atrocities. He informs Sophie. This information causes her great turmoil and guilt.

  • Jun 1, 1942

    Active and Organized Resistance

    In Munich, Sophie joins her brother, Hans and his friend, Alexander Schmorell in writing, producing and distributing anti-Hitler leaflets throughout Southern German cities and into Austria. They also successfully began recruiting, engaging in graffiti actions, and planning to meet resistance leaders in Berlin.

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  • Sophie Scholl (1921-1943)

was a German student and principal organizer of the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Munich during the Second World War. Growing up as a leader in the Hitler Youth as the Nazis took over all aspects of German society, Sophie managed to educate herself against their indoctrination.  Her singular story remains an inspiration and an important lesson even today.


  • Fritz Hartnagel (1917-2001)

was a German Army Officer trained at the Potsdam Military Academy.  Fritz and Sophie Scholl first met at a house party and began at a relationship that lasted throughout the war.

Forced to swear allegiance to Hitler's Army, Hartnagel served on both Eastern and Western fronts where he witnessed SS atrocities. He wrote to Sophie Scholl about these horrors.

These first hand accounts motivated Sophie further into active political resistance against the Third Reich.

  • The White Rose Movement

The White Rose was a non-violent, political resistance group active in Munich from 1941-43. It was comprised of students at the University of Munich. Started by siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, and fellow student-medic, Alexander Schmorell, they were eighteen members strong at the time of their discovery by the Gestapo and their anti-Hitler leaflets had been distributed to over sixteen German and Austrian cities.

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