Watch Book Trailer Video about Sophie Scholl Fritz Hartnagel

Watch the book trailer video about Alexandra Lehmann’s first book.

Video trailer by Alexandra Lehmann

Watch the above video trailer about With You There Is Light, the 313 page book based on the true story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel. This never before told story, with letters translated into English for the first time, reveals a complex relationship between two extraordinary young people caught on opposite sides of war.

Ulm, April 9, 1940

…There are times when I dread the war and feel like giving up hope completely. I hate thinking about it, but politics are almost all there is, and as long as they’re so confused and nasty, it’s cowardly to turn your back on them. You’re probably smiling at this and telling yourself, “She’s a girl.” But I think I’d be far happier if I weren’t under pressure all the time. As it is, everything takes second place. We were politically educated, after all. […]

Sophie Scholl to Fritz Hartnagel

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