With You There Is Light

Historical Context, Notes on Readings and Excerpts from

Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel's True Story

Use of the Word “Resistance” in Campaigning

By Alexandra Lehmann | Nov 5, 2018

          Appropriating World War II Language for 2018 U.S. Mid Term Elections We need a leader, not a movement. – Candidate for Governor of the State of Connecticut When I began reading Sophie Scholl’s story to audiences during my book tour this year, I wanted to educate people  about using the…

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New Brunswick Theological Seminary Gardner A. Sage

New Brunswick Theological Seminary Exhibition To Highlight “The Spirit in the Struggle against Nazism”

By Alexandra Lehmann | Sep 18, 2018

October 3, 2018
7 p.m.
Lecture & Exhibition
The Spirit in the Struggle against Nazism”
New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Jersey

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Sophie Scholl interrogated here after her arrest, February 1943

Translation of Sophie Scholl’s Gestapo Interrogation Notes

By Alexandra Lehmann | Mar 30, 2018

Fortsetzung der Vernehmung der Beschuldigten Munich, February 20, 1943 Context: Two days earlier, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl were captured and arrested at the University of Munich after distributing Professor Kurt Huber’s sixth edition of the “German Resistance” leaflets. They were interrogated by Chief Inspector Robert Mohr at the State Secret Police Headquarters on Briennerstrasse. The below…

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Sophie Scholl quote translated by Alexandra Lehmann

Seventy-Five Years Ago Today

By Alexandra Lehmann | Feb 22, 2018

Seventy-five years ago today Sophie Scholl sketched “FREEDOM” on the backside of her conviction for “treason.” F R E E D O M. She would die hours later, forgiving her executioners as the passageway to eternal life. (See: Pastor Alt’s eyewitness testimony to her last Communion.)  If one wants to know this great hero of…

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Dear Sophie from Fritz Hartnagel, sent from Occupied Poland, February 17, 1943

By Alexandra Lehmann | Feb 18, 2018

                  Context: Captain Fritz Hartnagel was one of the last Officers from the Sixth Army flown out of surrounded Stalingrad. Although this letter exists, it is doubtful that Sophie received it. It was written on the day before her last leaflet protest, capture and arrest. My dear…

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To Fritz Hartnagel, Munich, February 16, 1943

By Alexandra Lehmann | Feb 17, 2018

Context: Fritz Hartnagel survives Stalingrad. It is World War II’s most horrific battle. He is recuperating from near starvation and amputations from severe frostbite at a field hospital in occupied Poland. Sophie is studying Nazi approved philosophy with her brother and his friends at the University of Munich. They have kept their resistance activities, started…

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White Rose Memorial LMU

Resistance Then and Now: Social Media vs. Leaflets

By Alexandra Lehmann | Jan 8, 2018

Young people in the Islamic Republic of Iran are taking great risks to publicly protest against their President Rouhani and cleric leader, Ayatollah Khameni. With the help of social media, Iranians are gathering in the streets to protest theocratic corruption – rampant hunger and an estimated 40% unemployment plagues their country. The state controls all…

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With You There Is Light Sophie Scholl Alexandra Lehmann

Christmas Greeting from Stalingrad

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 26, 2017

Translated here into English for the first time with permission of S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt. To Sophie Scholl from Fritz Hartnagel, December 1942. Yesterday, my dear Sophie, as the Russians fired on our position with heavy artillery and the sirens went berserk, a little bird suddenly sat at the edge of our trench and peeped…

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With You There Is Light, Chapter 3

Reading to the Religious: With You There Is Light

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 5, 2017

November 26, 2017 After Service at the St. James Episcopal Church, North Salem, New York The first excerpt I read last Sunday came from Chapter Three of “With You There Is Light.” Sophie Scholl attended St. Georges, the Protestant Church in Ulm, with her mother. Sophie noted reading Exodus 17:11 in her journal so I imagined…

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Reading #4 from “With You There Is Light: Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel”

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 1, 2017

November 17, 2017. Books & Books in Grand Cayman, B.V.I.                     “Is today’s information overload the opposite problem of censorship?” The interested diverse crowd at my reading in November wanted to talk about Nazi Germany’s censorship and elimination of personal freedoms. We were discussing the Party’s control…

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