With You There Is Light: Why A Blog

Based on the true story about Fritz Hartnagel and Sophie Scholl

“With You There Is Light: Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel” is structured around Scholl and Hartnagel’s letters. Some of them are translated into English for the first time and provide additional insight into Scholl’s motivation to resist the Nazis.

Readers of this blog will find historical context about these letters and excerpts from the book available in e-format  on amazon.com. Print edition forthcoming November 2016.


Historical context for these blog posts comes mostly from Die Toedliche Utopie: Bilder, Texte, Dokumente, Daten zum Dritten Reich [Deadly Utopia: Pictures, Text, Documents and Dates from The Third Reich]. Munich: Institute for Contemporary History, 1999. The author, educated in the U.S. and Germany, saw a difference the way this history was written in both countries and languages. She preferred to read Germany’s history (1933-1945) from German sources and With You There Is Light was informed from this perspective.


Context is also taken from “Ulmer Bilder-Chronik” Band 5b/beschreibend die Zeit vom Jahr 1939-1945. Bearbeitet von Hildegard Sander. Herausgegeben im Verlag Dr. Karl Hoehn KG. Ulm/Donau, 1989. While researching in Ulm’s archives, the author found this compendium of articles assembled from the city’s Nazi-run newspaper.  The author used this primary archival source to illustrate how Sophie Scholl was subjected daily to propaganda and lies about the war’s progress.

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