Christmas Greeting from Stalingrad

With You There Is Light Sophie Scholl Alexandra Lehmann

With You There Is Light Sophie Scholl Alexandra LehmannTranslated here into English for the first time with permission of S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt.

To Sophie Scholl from Fritz Hartnagel, December 1942.

Yesterday, my dear Sophie, as the Russians fired on our position with heavy artillery and the sirens went berserk, a little bird suddenly sat at the edge of our trench and peeped with joy, as if it didn’t have a single care. I don’t know what moved me in this moment to know with such certainty that it only could have been a greeting from you. Then I felt safe again in this hole in the earth, as if nothing in this world could bring harm to me. Perhaps this letter will reach you in time for Christmas, when I have a chance to send it with the transport plane. It is all I can send to you.

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With You There Is Light - He told her what he witnessed. What she did with the truth changed history.