Passive Resistance: Refusing to Yield to Censorship

Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) German poet and writer most recognized for satire and wit. His “Lieder (art songs)” were set to music composed by R. Schumann and F. Schubert.                 Historical Context:  Sophie Scholl passively resisted Hitler. She was political active as a school girl in Ulm from 1938-1940.…

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Sophie Scholl, Inspired and Motivated by Christian Faith

Historical Context: Throughout her young adulthood, political activist Sophie Scholl delved deeply into Christian faith. As the Nazi Party dismantled Christianity and arrested and interned religious leaders, Sophie grew up in a Nazi run school and in the girls’ Hitler Youth. Her formal education revolved around indoctrination and propaganda. With the help of her family, Scholl began to…

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Sophie Scholl: From Hitler Youth to Political Activist

With You There is Light

Historical Context: August/September 1936. Most people are aware that National Socialism was in full swing, capturing the hearts and minds of the German youth with the XI Olympic Games in Berlin and the Nuremberg Rallies.   The Nazis continue their campaign against the Catholic Church, arresting over 300 protesters. EXCERPT FROM “WITH YOU THERE IS…

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