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Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel's True Story

With You There Is Light Sophie Scholl Alexandra Lehmann

Christmas Greeting from Stalingrad

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 26, 2017

Translated here into English for the first time with permission of S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt. To Sophie Scholl from Fritz Hartnagel, December 1942. Yesterday, my dear Sophie, as the Russians fired on our position with heavy artillery and the sirens went berserk, a little bird suddenly sat at the edge of our trench and peeped…

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With You There Is Light, Chapter 3

Reading to the Religious: With You There Is Light

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 5, 2017

November 26, 2017 After Service at the St. James Episcopal Church, North Salem, New York The first excerpt I read last Sunday came from Chapter Three of “With You There Is Light.” Sophie Scholl attended St. Georges, the Protestant Church in Ulm, with her mother. Sophie noted reading Exodus 17:11 in her journal so I imagined…

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Reading #4 from “With You There Is Light: Based on the True Story about Sophie Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel”

By Alexandra Lehmann | Dec 1, 2017

November 17, 2017. Books & Books in Grand Cayman, B.V.I.                     “Is today’s information overload the opposite problem of censorship?” The interested diverse crowd at my reading in November wanted to talk about Nazi Germany’s censorship and elimination of personal freedoms. We were discussing the Party’s control…

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German resistance With You There Is Light

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German, 1906-1945)

By Alexandra Lehmann | Oct 6, 2017

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German theologian, pastor and political resistance activist involved in Berlin’s July 1944 plot to kill Hitler.  Bonhoeffer assisted in providing intelligence that led to the uprising. Executed before the war’s end, he left behind diaries and letters written while in prison that testify to an enduring and unwavering faith. Here below is…

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Ridgefield Library With You There Is Light Alexandra Lehmann

#Resistance during the Age of Trump: Not at all like German Resistance during World War II

By Alexandra Lehmann | Sep 22, 2017

Note: The below personal essay describing a reading experience in September, 2017 provided this writer with the opportunity to further define “With You There Is Light” and its publicity platform. Although “resistance” is a popular word at present, future author readings will not address today’s appropriation and the attempt to often equate it with its…

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With You There Is Light

Political Resistance History and Context in the Age of Trump, Part 2 of 4

By Alexandra Lehmann | Aug 20, 2017

For the liberal elite, Progressives, and #NeverTrumpers, resistance means opposition to the country’s sitting President. Referring to this ray of light in World War II history along with shouting “Nazi” and instilling fear in those who do not think or believe as strongly in another group’s identity politics obstructs the unification of this country.* Journalists…

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Civil Disobedience as Resistance

By Alexandra Lehmann | Aug 3, 2017

 A Series of Posts (Part One of Four) On Political History, Context and President Trump Civil Disobedience As Resistance in America and Europe during the 19th and 20th Centuries “We should be men first, and subjects afterwards.”-Henry David Thoreau, American (1817-1862) “Laws change; our conscience does not.” -Sophie Scholl, German (1921-1943) It is doubtful that Sophie Scholl read the…

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Re-Visiting The White Rose Student Resistance Movement in Munich

By Alexandra Lehmann | Jun 10, 2017

    Munich, June 10, 2017. Re-visiting the new installation at the University of Munich (LMU) furthered my commitment to sharing the history of the White Rose student resistance movement. During World War II, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl, and Alexander Schmorell, began active opposition against Hitler and the Nazi Party. Informed by their eye witness of war…

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Sophie Scholl (German, 1921-1943)

By Alexandra Lehmann | May 10, 2017

Born on May 9, 1921 in Forchtenberg (Baden-Wuerttemberg), Sophie Scholl was the third child after her siblings Hans and Inge. She was followed by Elizabeth (“Liesel”) and Werner. Sophie’s father, Robert, had just been elected as a “democratic” Mayor of this small town. Many townspeople violently opposed his election as hanger-ons of the German monarchy. Robert refused to fight…

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Herbert Gustav Lehmann German military document World War II

Was Fritz Hartnagel a Nazi?

By Alexandra Lehmann | Mar 13, 2017

An Often Asked Question Gets Answered Again The last question came from a very bright student at the end of the fifth class I taught at my alma mater on “Sophie Scholl and the German Resistance against Hitler.” She asked, “Was Scholl’s boyfriend, Fritz Hartnagel, a Captain in the Wehrmacht, a Nazi?” During the last…

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